Welcome to Cantos da Mata

Cantos da Mata is a remarkable location hat combines ecotourism, events and the exuberant nature of the Atlantic Forest. We offer lodging, culinary experiences and venues for corporate trainings and social gatherings.

Wellness and connection with nature

We offer comfort, tranquility and all the amenities you may need

Surrounded by native forests, our property covers an area of 110 acres dedicated to ecotourism and to hospitality in various forms.

We value a personal approach to customer care and we are always attentive to the small details that make you feel comfortable and welcomed on any occasion and with any number of guests.

Peace and coziness are a priority in our lodging and in our event venues.

Gather your friends and family in a unique location or spend enjoyable moments close to nature while still counting on excellent amenities and all the comforts of the city.

Multi-purpose venues

Corporate Events

Multi-functional spaces and all the amenities you may need allows for different layout arrangements that respect social distancing requirements.

Social Events

Different spaces for social gatherings such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and more.

Culinary Experiences

Special dinners, craft beer tastings and other culinary experiences can be held at Cantos da Mata.


Ecotourism activities offer our visitors experiences of connection and integration with nature.


A new experience in hospitality.


Experience the rich and fascinating nature of the Atlantic Forest.

Trails and trekking

Smell the fresh scent of the forest, hear the birds sing and watch animal species in their natural habitat.

Water sports

Our lake has been scenery to stunning wedding pictures and photo shoots. Gazing at the calm water can help you relax and find inspiration.

Unconventional food plants garden

Re-learning the flavor of unconventional food plants - PANCs

Orchid nursery

Did you know that Cantos da Mata has orchid nurseries dedicated to the production of fresh cut flowers? We specialize in the research and genetic enhancement of Oncidium flexuosum.

Persimmon orchard

Our persimmon orchard becomes point of interest during Fall, attracting those who appreciate the fruit and the birds who enjoy the sweet flavor of the persimmon.

Outdoor fire pit

Cold nights – or maybe even the not so cold ones – can get pretty hot next to a lit fire pit.


Ensure that your event will be a success!

Cantos da Mata offers all amenities and special venues that are ideal for renovating energies and holding corporate trainings and events in complete harmony with nature.

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