Ecotourism activities offer our visitors experiences of connection and integration with nature.


A new experience in hospitality.


Experience the rich and fascinating nature of the Atlantic Forest.

Trails and trekking

Smell the fresh scent of the forest, hear the birds sing and watch animal species in their natural habitat.

Water sports

Our lake has been scenery to stunning wedding pictures and photo shoots. Gazing at the calm water can help you relax and find inspiration.

Unconventional food plants garden

Re-learning the flavor of unconventional food plants - PANCs

Orchid nursery

Did you know that Cantos da Mata has orchid nurseries dedicated to the production of fresh cut flowers? We specialize in the research and genetic enhancement of Oncidium flexuosum.

Persimmon orchard

Our persimmon orchard becomes point of interest during Fall, attracting those who appreciate the fruit and the birds who enjoy the sweet flavor of the persimmon.

Outdoor fire pit

Cold nights – or maybe even the not so cold ones – can get pretty hot next to a lit fire pit.