A new experience in hospitality

We offer six compact ecological lodges built in refurbished containers that offer you a novel experience in ecotourism.

Each room includes a private bathroom, closet, desk and electric kettle. In accordance with our proposal of integrating with nature, these rooms are not equipped with TV, mini-fridge or internet access.

Our guests who choose this accommodation are welcome to make use of a fully equipped shared kitchen, laundry room and dining area next to the rooms.

Start your day in harmony with nature

Breakfast is served in a picnic basket and it can be enjoyed wherever guests choose to: in their room, on the shared table under the pergola, on the lake-side deck , on any of the nearby tables or whatever outdoor space that strikes their fancy.

We offer our guests multiple activities and visits to nearby attractions.

We can also arrange for local birdwatching guides. This service needs to be reserved in advance.

Our amenities


Conventional rooms and eco-lodges that can for up to
60 people.


Full menu for guests and events catering to different needs and preferences.

Hammock park

A small corner that offers our guest the ideal place for some rest or a good read.


Space reserved for studying, researching, playing board games or simply watching TV.

Orchid nursery

Space dedicated to the production and genetic enhancement of species native to the Atlantic Forest.

Trails and trekking

Over 3 km of trails through the Atlantic Forest and observe the diversity of
the forest.

Water sports

Relax next to our lake. If you like, you can standup paddle, kayak or try some fishing.

Unconventional food plants garden

Our collection contains more than a 100 species including unconventional food plants, vegetables, leafy greens, spices and medicinal plants.

(Re)connect with nature.

Live new experiences.
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