Unconventional food plants garden

A space for knowledge

Just a few steps away from our industrial kitchen, by the eco-lodges, is our garden. There you can find more than a 100 plant species such as unconventional food plants (known in Brazil by acronym PANCs), vegetables, leafy greens, spices and medicinal plants.

Our garden provides some of the items used in our meals and events, and it also doubles as a space to spread scientific and popular knowledge about plants through workshops, talks and group visits.

Re-learning the flavor of unconventional food plants - PANCs

Do you know what PANCs are? This acronym stands for “Unconventional plant foods”, - “Plantas Alimentícias Não Convencionais” in Portuguese. These are common plants with food properties that are either unknown or that have been forgotten by the younger generations because they have little commercial value.

It is worth noting that all edible plants were once considered unconventional, until the crops were domesticated and their presence became a staple in our tables. PANCs are a part of Brazilian popular knowledge and a tradition that needs to be preserved due to its elevated nutritional potential.

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Unconventional food plants garden

Our collection contains more than a 100 species including unconventional food plants, vegetables, leafy greens, spices and medicinal plants.

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