The perfect place to enjoy great wine

Our cellar was born from a special project within our property. It was built with basalt rock from Nova Basano-Rio Grande do Sul, which helps keep the temperature cool. It is perfect for storing excellent wines and liquors.

We use this space for talks and for tasting of various fermented drinks (like wine) and hard liquors (such as the Brazilian cachaça).

The alluring
Vinhos Batalha

In partnership with the Vinhas e Vinhos Batalha, located in Seival/Rio Grande do Sul, we are pleased to offer Vinhos Batalha. The Seival region, a region also known as campanha gaúcha (in reference to its historical battlegrounds), offers a unique terroir allowing for the production of great wines.

These are special wines of great market value that have been awarded in many competitions. Our selection is developed from the best grape varieties and rigorously processed with special care, to delight even the most refined of palates with every sip.

Our amenities


Conventional rooms and eco-lodges that can for up to
60 people.

Professional kitchen

Full menu for guests and events catering to different needs and preferences.

Gourmet kitchen and cellar

Exclusive spaces that can be enjoyed by foodies and connoisseurs.

Barbecue grill

Find refuge for a casual and “down-to-earth” event.


Space reserved for studying, researching, playing board games or simply watching TV.

Lake-side deck

A perfect place for ceremonies and all sorts of outdoor events.


Large parking lot located inside the property for more than 70 vehicles.


Accessible spaces to welcome anyone with special needs.

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