Lake-side deck

Wedding ceremonies by the lake

A perfect place for your ceremony: by the lakeside and surrounded by green. This special corner in Cantos da Mata welcomes your guests with a cozy and intimate environment.

A rustic and colorful decor creates contrast with the wooden deck. Your imagination is the limit! You can make it match the beauty you have only dreamed of and even leave the soundtrack to the birds.

Outdoor events

The lake-side deck can be used for you to hold your trainings, workshops and even yoga practices or exercise classes surrounded by an amazing view.

This relaxing place can also be used for coffee breaks or meals. And if the weather changes all of a sudden, we have many indoor backup options such as the balcony or the dining hall.

Our amenities


Conventional rooms and eco-lodges that can for up to
60 people.

Professional kitchen

Full menu for guests and events catering to different needs and preferences.

Gourmet kitchen and cellar

Exclusive spaces that can be enjoyed by foodies and connoisseurs.

Barbecue grill

Find refuge for a casual and “down-to-earth” event.


Space reserved for studying, researching, playing board games or simply watching TV.

Lake-side deck

A perfect place for ceremonies and all sorts of outdoor events.


Large parking lot located inside the property for more than 70 vehicles.


Accessible spaces to welcome anyone with special needs.

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